Courage and Creativity: Clashing on the Journey

Being an artist takes courage. To really get into the deep muck of being an artist you have to conquer your fears and allow yourself to be put out there—by your own doing. You have to grapple with challenging the conventions of normalcy. The creative process might involve the sometimes brutal slamming together of unknowing, […]

Update to my Art and Fibanacci Post

This is a quick update to my post about the Fibonacci number series, math, geometry and the elegant relationship to art. The Science Museum of Minnesota will be launching a Special Exhibition, “Geometry Playground,” 10/15/2010. Here’s the overview from the website: “The Geometry Playground exhibition will change the way you think about geometry, letting you […]

Art in the Intersection of Life

Art in the Center is a blog that considers the intersection of art with life, as well as supporting my core belief that art belongs at the center of everyone’s life.  Creation is how we got here and through our creativity and innovation, human life on earth will produce art, solve problems, and hopefully not […]