5 Ways Critical Observation Will Change Your Life

It was critical observation that allowed Sir Isaac Newton to define gravity after watching an apple fall to the earth from a tree.

Dubai in “Flow Motion” Time Lapse, Selfies & Scandalous Post Cards

High sky view of fluffy clouds, brilliontly colors fog around buildings at dusk in Dubai.

One of the most remarkable examples of “the medium is the message” is the flow motion video of Dubai, by Rob Whitworth flying us through time and space in an almost unimaginable and magical journey

A Cut of Silhouette History

It was almost a “hair-stand-on-end” moment …the boisterous crowd, talking and jostling, and then the passion of the French peasants, laborers, and countrymen captivated by the animated storytelling of the narrator.

Catastrophe Averted: Painting in Peril

Blackberry Jam: Understanding the Cosmos A number of years ago I was working on a very detailed series of large watercolor paintings – (32 x 22” and larger) when a disaster threatened to destroy a very important painting. This painting, that I had been working on for about 40 hours, was due at a juried […]

Courage and Creativity: Clashing on the Journey

Being an artist takes courage. To really get into the deep muck of being an artist you have to conquer your fears and allow yourself to be put out there—by your own doing. You have to grapple with challenging the conventions of normalcy. The creative process might involve the sometimes brutal slamming together of unknowing, […]

Emerging Art Form: QR codes

Constraints as a Channel to Creativity Most artists will admit, there is something creatively exhilarating about constraints put on the creation of your work. Some art exhibits require work done in a certain medium–like the Transparent Watercolor Society’s requirement that the art actually be completed in transparent watercolor– not opaque. Or the challenge of a […]

Rug Hooking: Fine Craft, Originally Created from Worn-out Wool

Traditional crafts tend to grow from a functional basis as well as incorporating culturally influenced symbols and art. They often convey a naive or untrained sense of design. One of my favorite fine crafts is rug hooking. Originally, rug hooking recycled fabrics to create rugs, wall hangings or other textiles to warm up rooms in […]