Masks for Halloween, Hockey and Other Intense Interactions

A mask seems to be an object to cover, conceal, yet also reveal a culturally specific meaning to provoke a desired result. Not surprisingly, “mask” is related to the term “masquerading.” It makes us think of a formal masquerade ball with a playful, coquettish eye-mask on a stick. Yet masks have an ancient history and […]

Where would we be without music or ways to record it?

Whether listening to Scott Joplin, Bolero, Pink, or Louis Armstrong—or all of them—where would we be without music and without the ability to record and re-play music for our pleasure? A recent article in the New York Times announced that a fantastic collection of historical jazz recordings has been  acquired from the estate of William […]

Silly photographs everyone takes.

My sister and I spent last weekend traveling to midwestern museums. Coincidentally we noticed a phenomenon of people posing next to art or architecture in a way to visually combine their physical body with whatever they were standing next to. For example, we stopped at a park as we entered Wisconsin. Travelers were standing next […]

More on Collaboration. Add Courage and Paint.

To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage. Georgia O’Keeffe Linnea Maas is an artist in two-dimensional media who collaborates with paint and courage as a member of the band Marvelle in Minneapolis. The band describes itself as “a new sound from Minneapolis, thick arrangements for a sparse trio” consisting of violin, […]

Collaboration and Participation

Collaboration and Participation These are hot words in museums today—how can museums engage visitors? How to share both knowledge and experience via participation? These words suggest exuberant sharing, anticipation of cumulative strength, and perhaps naive fearlessness. Yet, correct design of the collaboration is vital for success. Nina Simon, a museum visionary and independent museum consultant, […]